The M.U.R Orléans

The M.U.R: Modular, Urban & Reactive

The story starts a few years ago, when two parisians artists decided to use a portion of a public wall in Paris, to turn it into an art gallery… The first M.U.R was born! A few years after, many French cities decided to build their own M.U.R. The last one is the M.U.R Orléans, inspired and support by Sacrebleu non-profit and the municipality of Orléans. Once a month, a new hand-painted mural will be created!

Each Month, a New Hand-Painted Mural

Once a month, a new mural artwork is created, on the wall of Les Carmes movie theater, located Rue Henri Roy in the dowtown Orléans. Each fresco is carried out following the live painting rules. The M.U.R Orléans has been inaugurated on Saturday, January 21 2017. And many people came to attend to the first live painting, despite the very low temperature! The first guest artist was the graffer Victorien Liria, alias MAYE, who design the first ephemeral fresco. Once month afer, the Alber’s artwork has not been degraded or covered. The second performance took place on February, 18th, carried on by the artist ALBER. In total, 10 artists are scheduled for 2017, to come and make the Cinema des Carmes wall great again! A new session is scheduled for next year 🙂