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A New-York based Art Agency

Sacrebleu LLC. is an accredited full service firm specialized in indoor//outdoor hand-painted murals and design development, including packaging.


Our artistic activities, based in New-York City focus on three main aspects: the creation of cultural and promotional events and/or exhibitions, Artist Agent and murals’ creations.


The common guidelines between our activities lies in our exigent artistic vision turned toward urban, street and contemporary arts, with a special taste for crazy staging!

But we are not just painting walls … We are so much more than that!
Our Services

“The objectives of Sacrebleu are to redesign spaces and bring back art and colors in our lives -”

Ephemeral Museums

Creation of ephemeral museums in forgotten places, either in urban or rural areas, organization of exhibitions, possibly mixing live music, public live painting and culture. All that culture and art deserve!

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Artist Agent

Want to get involved in the NYC artistic scene and increase your visibility? Find new artistic contract in NYC, and be involved in our artistic projects!

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Hand-painted murals are especially-well suitable for both promoting culture and communicating, giving a touch a vintage to our daily life! Sacrebleu LLC can also redesigns your personal or commercial spaces, bringing back art into your lives!

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Ephemeral Museums

A new Lease on life

Our ambition is to face the challenge of restoring and regaining former places, either in urban or rural areas. Through the transformation process of abandoned properties, our events bring back life and happiness, generating new connections within the community. As such, we collaborated in many different urban projects involving forsaken places, and we fully organized two events in a former school «School is over» and a former hospital, «Loire Art Show».

Bringing back art into historical places

Historical or former places are often forgotten by the inhabitants…Our ambition is to bring art into these places and organize a fully cultural and social events. Exhibitions of young international artists, hand-painted murals spread through such kind of places mixing live music and paintings is a subversive way to bring back to life these beautiful places, that belongs to the community.

Artist Agent


Artist Agent
Be Involved in NYC arty scene!

We can help you to grow your business and improve your attractiveness. Together, let’s bring modern art into our streets! Sacrebleu can take care of you and your artworks, helping you to find new customers and new projects. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Sacrebleu LLC at your service

Sacrebleu LLC is at your service to help you and to encourage you in your artistic project. Together, let’s turn your communication into an artwork!

N.B: Not all the brand advertising murals can be displayed on this website for privacy and commercial reasons. Do not hesitate to contact us to have our full book!



Hand-Painted Murals

We create brand new pieces of art on any kind of wall, indoor or outdoor, for any kind of surfaces. Together, let’s bring modern art into our streets! Especially well-suitable for commercials, your hand-painted ad becomes not only part of the street scape, but also part of urban life, 24/7, maximizing the exposure of your campaign.

01 CROQUIS_stouache
Hand-Painted Murals for commercials

Urban advertising is not always a visual clutter… It could also be a real piece of art! Hand-painted commercials are the new trend for urban advertising, and new murals painted on brick walls flourish across all neighborhoods. This is a good way to improve a company public image, by taking care of culture and inhabitants viewing pleasure. Sacrebleu LLC offers you such artworks, but with a unique street//urban art signature!

Agency Design – Outdoor & Indoor Hand-Painted Artworks

International illustrators, lowbrow and street art artists are willing to help you evaluate your living or working place, making it more attractive, modern and competitive. Bearing in mind the individual peculiarity of each project, our objective is to transform and remodel your environment. By tailoring your offer, Sacrebleu LLC and its internationally recognized artists will help you to increase your visibility, using the cutting-edge artwork techniques to provide you the best avant-garde artistic experience!

N.B: Not all the brand advertising murals can be displayed on this website for privacy and commercial reasons. Do not hesitate to contact us to have our full book!