We are Sacrebleu

We are Sacrebleu

Ephemeral Museums

We are Sacrebleu

Lowbrow design

Sacrebleu aims to promote
modern art

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Sacrebleu is art agency based in New-York coupled to a non-profit organization based in France. A common artistic guideline : create, paint, and promote urban & modern art and its artists!

We are Sacrebleu
Our Values

“The objectives of Sacrebleu are to redesign spaces and bring back art and colors in our lives”


Our goal is to bridge the gap between the urban street art culture and companies that want to improve their visibility. Advertising or redesigning your workspace, to make it more attractive.

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We yearn for bringing modern art into people’s daily life by organizing social and cultural events mixing exhibitions and artistic performances. Turning your space into a museum of modern art!

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Art is ubiquitous …Sacrebleu creates and organizes innovative events, both public and private. We aim to reinvent the dynamic of a place, with a artistic vision turned toward the Lowbrow movement.

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Our story

Initially a French non-profit organization based in Orleans (1 hour from Paris, France), founded in 2015 by Yannick Pazzé and Jean Michel Ouvry, Sacrebleu has grown and has also become a New-York based commercial agency, promoting modern art.


While Sacrebleu France intents to promote contemporary art through creation and the organization of pop-up//ephemeral museums, Sacrebleu New-York offers multiple services, including the creation of cultural and promotional events and/or exhibitions, and an activity of Artists’ agent.


The common guidelines between all our French and American activities lies in our exigent artistic vision turned toward the urban & street art and illustrations, and a certain taste for unusual staging 😉


A team full of energy, with very different background and plenty of skills 🙂

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Jean-Michel Ouvry

Artistic Direction

Chloé Guennou

Communication & Digital
Social Media

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We are Sacrebleu