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From Orléans, France to … New-York City

Initially, Sacrebleu was created in 2015 by two French childhood friends, Yannick Pazzé, entrepreneur & Jean Michel Ouvry, a Lowbrow artist. The story starts when they first founded the French non-profit organization Sacrebleu based in Orleans (1 hour from Paris, France), dedicated to the promotion of contemporary arts, more specifically urban & street arts, and illustrations. Together, they organized many cultural events, exhibitions, and collaborated to different street art projects and festivals.

photo aerienne sacrebleu
The commercial branch: Sacrebleu LLC, based in NYC

Since 2015, Sacrebleu has grown and early 2017, its little brother Sacrebleu LLC was born! Sacrebleu LLC is now New-York based commercial agency, promoting modern art. Sacrebleu France, the non-profit branch, still exists and work hard to pursue the Lowbrow spreading in the old continent. Chloé Guennou, a French former Astrophysicist now web/python developer, joined the team in 2017.

While Sacrebleu France intents to promote comtemporary art through creation and the organization of promotional//cultural//social events, Sacrebleu New-York offers multiple services, including the creation of cultural and promotional events and/or exhibitions, indoor and outdoor design, hand painted commercials and eventually packaging design. The common guidelines between all our French and American activities lies in our exigent artistic vision turned toward the urban & street arts, as well as the lowbrow movement. Always with crazy and baroque universe!

Our Team


Jean-Michel Ouvry

Multifaceted illustrator and painter, he is a former designer working in architecture, a shoes and bags designer in Morocco, and now a freelance designer. His artistic universe is populated by pointy noise characters, sometimes influenced by the Baroque era, with abnormal and peculiar situations pointing out our daily defects.


Yannick Pazzé

Y. Pazze is a French international and multicultural business developer with experience in sales, market research, business plan writing, marketing and project management. Living in the big apple since 2013, he is also the owner of the New-York marketing agency Eclore-Idee.


Chloé Guennou

C. Guennou is a former astrophysicist and a web/python developer and passionate about art in general. With a strong scientific background, she brings the maths to the team! In charge of the communication for Sacrebleu LLC. Eyes on the stars, but the feet firmly on the ground!


Les Vinaigreries
The MUR Orléans
School is Over Project
Loire Art Show - Quai de Loire


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Our office in France

Association culturelle SACREBLEU
28, rue Levereau 45280.
La Chapelle Saint Mesmin.

Email: sacrebleugalerie@gmail.com
Tel: +33 6 86 08 81 91

Our office in United States

245 E 110th street, apt 5E
New York City, NY, 10029.

Email: contact@sacrebleu.ninja
Tel: +1-917-882-4063