Loire Art Show 2018: The Vinegar Factory

Les Vinaigreries d’Orléans
Les Vinaigreries d’Orléans

Definitely closed in 1966, the Vinaigreries Dessaux of Orleans (France) got a new lease on life for a few days! An ephemeral exhibition, organized by Sacrebleu kept the factory alive for a week-end. First world vinegar factory, it has been closed after the 60’s industrialization era. About 30 artists has been invited to rehabilitate for a few days this place, full of history for the local people. Graffitis, Street Artists, DJ’s, Illustrators… participated with enthusiasm to this crazy project, to finally offer an exceptional breath of life to this historic place, 50 years later.

An urban art public exhibition

About 20 local artists have been invited, together with Freak City, Bault and Retro, well-known European urban artists. With a musical set ensured by Jungle Assault, 12 000 inhabitants came to visit over a week-end, giving a fantastic new breath of life to this old historic factory.