Loire Art Show 2019: Anatole Bailly Middle School

Once upon a time at Anatole Bailly…

April 12-14 // April 19-22, 2019 – 27 000 visitors, 500 spray-paint can, 13 artistes & artist collectives, 7 DJs & Live music shows, over two week-ends of exhibitions: Sacrebleu is proud to present its last Loire Art Show Edition! The former middle school Anatole Bailly in the heart of Orleans in France, got a new lease on life, thanks to ephemeral Loire Art Show festival!


A group of 13 artists and artist collectives

Invited Artists: Grems // Veks // Niark // Stom500 // Jean-Michel Ouvry // Nicolas Baromme Forgues // Charles Foussard // EnoraOne // Koye // Boku // Kevin Cadinot // Francs Colleurs Collective // Exposition Aérophone.  Two weeks of set-up, 7 days of exhibitions, plus 2 full-night of live music! Social team games, shop, gathering and even virtual reality on a dedicated free App…

Meet the Artists