Loire Art Show 2017: The Hospital

Loire Art Show: a former hospital got a new lease on life…

Let the dream come true… In this superb cloister, part of a former children’s hospital. 9 artists, all from urban and contemporary art movements, large wooden panels (13×10 ft) for each artist to create his own artwork, and a good dose of twisted sense of humor! Sacrebleu LLC organized an innovative event, mixing paintings, exhibitions and concerts over about a ten days period, in June 2017. Since this antique building is remarkably atypical, we also pushed the artistic vision toward something singular as well.

A great gallery in a former hospital

The successive 10 huge panels, used by the invited artists led to the creation of huge friezes in a Baroque style appearing together as huge framed canvases at a very big scale, as the Louvre’s great galleries. The wood panels measured 4x3m, big enough to let the artists have fun!

Original Paintings Exhibitions

With more than 70 original paintings, Loire Art Show also gave the opportunity to the invited artist to show and sell they artworks. A shop, with artist books and goodies was also opened, during the whole event.

Social & Cultural events

During the whole event, an outdoor chill out area, parlour games and live music were also part of the event! People could just stay outside and being lazy with friends during these long summer sunny days…

A “Vitrauphanie” effect

Both the walls and the windows of this cloister were freely available for the involved artists, to create a “vitrauphanie” effect, corresponding to windows stickers seen from outside. Thanks to Happy Galerie for supporting this project!

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