School Is Over

A Blend of Art into A Forgotten Place…

Sacrebleu – with the support of the Orleans municipality and with the approval of the building’s owner – brought together about 10 artists and illustrators from the urban street art and lowbrow movements, to create this ephemeral place at a crossroads between an ephemeral open-air museum and a gallery, in a wild land …

l'école esr finie 20 juin 2015-73
Bringing Back Art Into The Heart of The City

The “School is over” project allowed us to blend street art and illustration in the heart of the city. Through this innovative urban ephemeral museum, in free access, we reach of a larger number of people. This project was successfully completed thanks to the dynamism and the interest in contemporary art of the Orléans municipality.

A former school got a new lease on life

Through this ephemeral museum, blending illustration and street art,the former Papillons Blancs school got a new lease on life. After 15 days of artwork creation and design, the “School is over” exhibition was opened to the public (for free) from 2015 June 17 to 28. Thus, this former school was turned into a privileged place for exchanging and sharing experiences, involving various events: open ceremony, artists meeting, guided tour…

Paying tribute to this former school

In this freedom of expression museum, the artists paid tribute to this former school, by carrying out huge mural indoor and outdoor artworks. With the participation of well-recognized artists, this project was a great opportunity to introduce the urban and lowbrow movement creativity to the public.

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