Sacrebleu France


Introduce modern art into urban areas and people daily life

The objective of Sacrebleu Non-profit is to enhance people daily life, by developing key events, with strong cultural potential, generating both community and touristic affluence. Bringing back color into a public or private spaces is the general guideline of our organization. Artistic, cultural and social events definitely reinforce the cultural and artistic attractiveness of a place. Sacrebleu creates, sets up and organizes such innovative artistic and cultural meetings and events.

Bringing together international and French artists from the urban//street//modern arts

The Sacrebleu non-profit branch seek to unite young French and international illustrators, mainly from the urban//street and modern art movements.

Projects are carrying out in association with International Illustrators, belonging to the new and emergent artistic scene.

A really strong taste for unusual, crazy and sometimes Baroque staging!

Get Involved

Do you want to help us?

Want to get involved in a human, cultural and modern project, or promote young emergent artists?

What we need :

Artworks to be sold//Office supplies//Artistic equipments//Advertising//Communication//Video editing//Bartender for the events//Handymen, Etc…

For further information, please contact us!

The examples mentioned here are only for indicative purposes and are absolutely not limiting.



Cultural & Social Events

The Community
Creating a link between artists and people

Based in France, the objective of Sacrebleu non-profit is to promote modern art, through the creation of cultural and social events, in collaboration with well-known French and international artists. We mainly aim to encourage and promote artists from urban and street art movements, by generating new connexions between them and general public.

Restoring and Regaining Former and Historical Places

Our action allows us to not only generate new community links, but also to highlight a place, meanwhile defending its own identity.Our ambition is to face the challenge of restoring and regaining former places, either in urban or rural areas. Through the transformation process of abandoned properties, our association brings back life and happiness, generating new connexion within the community.


Exhibiting, Informing and Educating about modern arts

Sacrebleu fully creates and organizes exhibitions of the new wave Lowbrow artists. Always looking for underground places to exhibit, giving us the opportunity to not only introduce the modern art scene to the public, but also to bring people into forgotten crazy places in their own neighborhood!

la madeleine 08 juin 2017-49
Transforming forgotten places & creating new social links

What’s Sacrebleu likes the most, is to regaining and restoring forgoten places! Creating exhibits in unusual and sometimes freaky places, to  (re-)introduce these forgotten places now , even though so close to us. Our exhibitions are always associated with cultural and social events, such as live music, bar and chill-out, and parlour games. Theses kind of events are a nice way to generate new social links into the community in very crazy places 🙂